Offering individual and group sessions
for students seeking an experienced, 
challenging, and compassionate teacher.

“Practicing with Eza is a delight.
 She'll inspire and rock you like you
never thought you could be rocked by exercise.“ 

Younger and older souls,
those who have been practicing for years,
and those who have never practiced before.

Eza is experienced in teaching diverse bodies and personalities.
She has taught in studios, at international conferences and
on ships from Alaska to Central America,
West Africa, the Arctic, and Antarctica. 

Everyone is welcome and can be accommodated.

“Eza is good at describing the positions
and what we might expect to feel.
She is good about offering up different levels of poses to
make sure everyone goes only as far as they can.” 

Individual session: 800-1200 Bhat,
depending on commitment and location.
Group rates negotiated by number of participants.

After first experience, weekly sessions scheduled
one month at a time.


“Eza’s attitude is very professional yet very caring.  
She made me feel she was giving me her undivided attention and
that she saw me as a full individual with both body and spirit.”

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